The venture will initially cover an order of 315 high-pressure hydrogen storage units to be fitted to 45 trucks before 2025.

H2 View understands, the partners are also planning to develop new hydrogen storage systems together, which will increase truck ranges by nearly 60% to over 750km (403 miles).

The partnership is in line with the French based Hyliko’s ambitions to reduce its own carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5 million tonnes by 2030.

Hyliko hopes to equip 10% of the European hydrogen truck market (approximately 15,000 vehicles) with its systems, and to deploy 100 hydrogen production and storage stations on the continent.

Florent Bergeret, Chairman and Founder at Hyliko, said, “We are very excited about our new partnership with Plastic Omnium, which will support development of our hydrogen trucks designed to decarbonize our clients’ heavy vehicle fleets.

“The partnership will also mean we can boost the operational performance of our vehicles.”

Plastic Omnium has rapidly scaled its hydrogen portfolio in recent years in an attempt to establish itself at the forefront of the hydrogen economy. Its ‘New Energies division’ develops and produces hydrogen mobility systems including fuel cell modules.

Marc Perraudin, CEO at Plastic Omnium New Energies, commented, “We are delighted that Hyliko has chosen our storage systems to leverage the development of highly specialised solutions for decarbonising heavy vehicle fleets.

“This announcement is further proof of the existence of a buoyant market for hydrogen mobility in the commercial transportation sector.”


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