Revealed today (June 28), the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aims to allow Reynolds Logistics to support NanoSun in providing its customers with its Mobile Hydrogen Pioneer Refuelling System (HRS).

By pairing NanoSUN’s system which the company says combines volume gas storage, transportation and end use vehicle dispensing, with Reynolds Logistics delivery solutions, it is hoped the partners will stimulate the uptake of hydrogen-powered vehicles in the region.

With only 10 hydrogen refuelling stations operational in the UK, the uptake of hydrogen-powered vehicles has been relatively slow, the companies hope the agreement will allow hydrogen fuel to be moved from its source to vehicles, preventing the need for travel to refuel regularly.

Dean O’Connor, CEO of NanoSUN, said, “The Pioneer’s capacity to deliver multiple rapid full fills to hydrogen vehicle fleets offers the vital element needed if we’re to get the transport industry to a clean, green future fast.

“Reynolds Logistics are an excellent partner for the safe and efficient transport of our Pioneer system from hydrogen source to vehicle deployment, where vehicles are refuelled for commercial operations.”

NanoSUN deployed its Pioneer 135 prototype refuelling in April 2021 for trials, which the company said could refill hydrogen-powered truck and bus tanks in 15-20 minutes.

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Andrew Reynolds, CEO of Reynolds Logistics, commented, “Reynolds Logistics have a proven history in the logistics of fuels. The company is continuing growth into new markets including low and zero-carbon fuels like hydrogen.

“Our key drivers of safety, innovation and customer satisfaction will support NanoSUN’s customers in the rapid deployment and operation of Pioneer, enabling rapid deployment of hydrogen vehicle fleets.”

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