Unveiled today (April 27), the signatories have asked to set out an ambitious AFIR in the form of clear targets for hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) to ensure the hydrogen sector can play its part in climate action.

According to Hydrogen Europe, sufficient geographical coverage and capacity for all types of alternative fuels infrastructure is key for the transition towards cleaner European road transport.

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The letter also calls for an integrated and strategic rollout of both HRS and battery electric vehicles (BEV) charging infrastructures will be cheaper than relying solely on one type of infrastructure or restricting specific technologies to specific road transport segments.

A multi-technology approach will grant a transition that is faster, more cost-efficient and serves all consumers and business models.

Speaking on the letter, Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe, said, “The AFIR targets for hydrogen refuelling stations are the bare minimum for hydrogen road mobility to develop and in turn help decarbonise the sector, which is responsible for 20% of the EU GHG emissions.

“The industry stands ready to invest along with public authorities into the technology and the rollout of hydrogen infrastructure. However, adequate political commitments are instrumental in sending a strong signal for both automotive and hydrogen infrastructure companies.

“Reducing the mandatory minimum capacities of stations and shrinking the ambition will seriously harm the sector’s development.”

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