Nuclear energy provides a unique opportunity to produce large-scale quantities of hydrogen known as pink hydrogen.

With this agreement, the delivery of the hydrogen is expected to be completed in early 2022.

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Based in Sweden, the OKG nuclear plant has operated a hydrogen plant in conjunction with the nuclear facility with the hydrogen typically utilised to cool the generator at Oskarshamn 3.

Since two other reactors closed, there is now an excess of hydrogen available, and this surplus amount will now be extracted and used on the hydrogen market with the clean energy carrier holding significant zero-emission promise in industry.

Currently the hydrogen plant is being modernised, with a new control system and other components being used to replace older features in order to expand the operations of the plant.

Johan Lundberg, CEO of OKG, said, “Initially, it is about relatively small volumes. But we have expertise as well as plant and infrastructure, and I see a very good potential to expand this business.

“The need for hydrogen will increase gradually, and we have received strong support from our owners Uniper and Fortum to develop this business opportunity.”

Johan Svenningsson, CEO of Uniper Sweden, said, “Our ambition is to develop the growing market for hydrogen together with Fortum.

“The Swedish electricity system is virtually fossil-free, and we therefore have good conditions for producing large volumes of hydrogen, which will play an important role when Sweden changes.”

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