Ricardo revealed on Monday (August 1), in partnership with Scottish Power, Network Rail Scotland, and the University of Leeds, the joint Holistic Hydrogen Approach to Heavy Duty Transport (H2H) project aims to be a catalyst for the removal of all UK diesel trains from the network by 2040.

Having been granted ‘Alpha Project’ funding from Ofgem’s SIF, the project plans to pilot the use of green hydrogen to test prototype hydrogen-electric trains, with the eventual aim to replace diesel trains on rural routes in Scotland by 2035.

Planned to start in August 2022, the joint Ricardo, Scottish Power, University of Leeds, and Network Rail Scotland team will have six months to explore concepts, after which, they can enter a further competition for large-scale funding to take the innovation towards market readiness.

Colin McNaught, Director of Strategic Growth & Development for Ricardo’s Energy and Environment Business Unit, said, “Ricardo is delighted to be working with Scottish Power, Network Rail Scotland and the University of Leeds on the next step in our project to introduce hydrogen-electric passenger trains.

“Ricardo is actively supporting the decarbonisation of global energy and transport sectors and we are therefore proud to be leading this innovation which will reduce emissions, accelerate the removal of diesel traction from Scotland’s Railway, and help the UK achieve its Net Zero goals sooner.”


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