The agreement will see Nikola supply its Tre FCEV Cabover which leverages the Tre BEV platform with hydrogen fuel cell power, ranges of up to 500 miles between refuelling, while also being designed to improve aerodynamics and reduce the total vehicle weight.

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Port of Los Angeles set to introduce 100 Nikola BEV and FCEV trucks

With this, PGT see the FCEVs as a key means to decarbonise its operations throughout the US and could significantly promote the adoption of the zero-emission hydrogen vehicles.

Delivery of the FCEVs is expected to begin in 2023 once production has started at Nikola’s new Arizona, US manufacturing facility.

Pablo Koziner, President of Energy and Commercial at Nikola, said, “We are excited that PGT has elected to partner with Nikola in advancing and adopting FCEV technology.

“We believe our FCEVs will help PGT further their objectives to continuously improve driver experience, reduce their carbon footprint and increase the efficiency of their operations while providing great value to their customers.

“Nikola continues to make great progress to accelerate the adoption of FCEVs through its integration of purpose-built vehicles, energy solutions and the sales and service network required to support customers.”

Gregg Troian, President of PGT Trucking, said, “For 40 years, PGT Trucking has focused on revolutionising and refining our core competency through technology innovation, and it is the forward-thinking and strategic partnerships, like we have with Nikola, that allow us to cultivate transportation advancements.

“This partnership will give us the opportunity to offer progressive transportation solutions to our customers, while aligning with corporate-driven sustainability initiatives, and reducing their carbon footprint using innovative energy sources.

“Sustainable freight transportation will improve safety, reduce costs and carbon emissions, and improve economic efficiency.”

Nikola Motor: A passion for zero emission

Founded in 2015 in Utah, Nikola Motor is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about vehicle manufacturers in North America and across the globe.

With a product portfolio that aims to vastly reduce carbon emissions, mainly in the truck and offroad transportation sector, Nikola’s focus on hydrogen fuel cell and battery innovations is ahead of the game, grasping the interest of many.

Today, as a large amount of zero emission vehicle news floods headlines, a lot of news in the states refers to Nikola Motor’s fuel cell innovations, especially as orders for its Badger electric-hydrogen pickup truck continue to flood in and the interest for the company’s other vehicles continue to grow.

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