To support growing demand for hydrogen-powered trucks, the firm says the three refuelling stations and logistics infrastructure will be located in Colton, Ontario, and a location to service the Port of Long Beach, Los Angeles.

Nikola has said California is a launch market for the company and it is hoped the stations will support key customers while advancing the state’s efforts to decarbonise the transport sector.

H2 View understands the planned station in Ontario is part of Nikola’s collaboration with TravelCenters of America, announced in 2021, which looks to mutually develop a nationwide hydrogen refuelling network.

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Pablo Koziner, President of Nikola Energy, said, “This marks an important step in Nikola’s ability to deliver innovative solutions and the infrastructure needed to decarbonise the transportation industry.

“Our hydrogen refuelling stations, along with a comprehensive energy supply, will provide customers the support needed to transition their fleets to zero emissions.”

Nikola’s refuelling stations plans have been welcomed by Mario Suarez, Planning Manager for the City of Colton, who said, “The establishment of a ‘clean fuel’ facility for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, such as semi-trucks, is a huge step forward in seeing the trucking industry move towards these types of vehicles.

“Actions like these are building blocks to cleaner air for Colton residents and the surrounding region and we are proud to support initiatives that align with our vision.”


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