H2 View understands the Japanese-based group has dedicated space to mass produce the stations in Murrieta, California; Escondido, California; Busan, South Korea; and Neuenbürg, Germany.

The purchase order for the hydrogen station projects come as Nikkiso aims to expand its hydrogen-related business by strengthening its participation in the hydrogen supply chain.

In 2021, the group joined the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) as an ambassador to support the target of establishing 200 hydrogen refuelling stations in the US state by 2025.

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Additionally, Nikkiso become an authorised aftermarket partner for Tatsuno North America’s hydrogen dispensers in the US to support fuel cell electric vehicles.

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Peter Wagner, CEO of Nikkiso CE&IG, said, “As an ambassador member of the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) and core leader of cryogenic technology, Nikkiso is key in connecting the hydrogen ecosystem to advance the clean energy agenda.”

Joseph Pak, President of Integrated Cryogenic Solutions at Nikkiso, added, “We are pleased to offer flexible and scalable commercial and technical offers where our customers need us the most: from equipment fabricator to turnkey EPC solutions.”


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