The company who has developed a breakthrough green hydrogen generator to produce low-cost green hydrogen, will expand its hydrogen development plan that could reduce the cost of producing green hydrogen further.

This will enhance the accessibility of large quantities of hydrogen in the market and accelerate the adoption of the technology when moving towards a net zero emissions world.

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NewHydrogen to cut green hydrogen costs by eliminating precious metals in electrolysers

David Lee, CEO of NewHydrogen, said, “An electrolyser — the primary component of a hydrogen generator — is still very expensive.

“We have made great progress with our existing technology developments to replace and reduce the expensive rare earth materials, which represent a significant cost factor.

“Now, we will widen our focus to include other breakthrough technologies to enable the next generation of low-cost electrolysers.”

Dr. Lee continued, “Reducing the cost of producing green hydrogen using electrolysers is a delicate balance. Bringing down the initial cost of the unit (CAPEX) and the ongoing operating expense (OPEX) are critical factors in driving down the cost.

“Also, efficiency and durability are very important factors. Improving the performance of the electrolyser in one dimension usually results in reduced performance in other dimensions. Balancing these tradeoffs is one of the challenges for our development team.

“However, we will methodically expand our focus to other parts of the electrolyser that are inherently expensive.”

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