The newly formed joint venture today (June 10) said its new identity comes to reflect its future vision and purpose as it looks to spearhead a decarbonised future.

Both parties already have an established presence in the hydrogen market, Fabrum with its engineering capabilities, and AFCryo with its cryocooler and liquefier technologies.

Christopher Boyle, Managing Director and co-founder of Fabrum, said, “We’re excited to launch our new identity, Fabrum. Over almost two decades, our business has transformed as we respond to customers’ future needs in diverse industries, which are more challenging and complex than ever.

“Liquid hydrogen is the future, it opens up new possibilities for long-distance transport, marine and aviation. The world faces significant decarbonisation and energy security challenges and hydrogen is one of the most scalable and viable options to help the energy transition to a lower-carbon economy.

“Hydrogen fuel production also represents an opportunity for New Zealand to be self-sufficient and creates an export opportunity.”

In 2020, the then AFCryo partnered with the UK-based company to Clean Power Hydrogen (CPH2), to combine technologies to offer a cheaper, more reliable method of producing green hydrogen.

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In addition to the new corporate identity, the company has appointed Dr. Ojas Mahapatra as CEO.

Commenting on the appointment, Boyle said, “We’re proud to welcome Ojas as CEO to lead our high calibre Fabrum team. He will be critical in driving the company’s technology delivery.

“His entrepreneurial, forward-thinking mindset and business management experience, combined with an in-depth understanding of disruptive market strategies, complex business issues and financing, will be a real asset for the company.”


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