The New Mexico Economic Development Department, Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, and Environment Department and Sandia National Laboratories have joined forces to support the effort, having agreed to develop a zero-carbon hydrogen economy.

However, the duo will not only focus on New Mexico and have also agreed to look at the wider US.

Not only that, the commitment will see an array of new partnerships in science, technologies and policy impacts of zero-carbon hydrogen as it relates to climate, economy, energy, environment, equity, research, water, and New Mexico’s workforce.

Economic Development Department Cabinet Secretary Alicia Keyes, said, “The agreements between the State and New Mexico’s federal research laboratories prove once again that these partnerships give us a competitive advantage over other states in developing new technologies and low-carbon energy solutions.

“These innovative advancements right here in New Mexico will benefit the planet and create incentives for new businesses to grow and relocate in the state. These are companies with skilled, high-paying jobs that want to be part of this exciting new clean-energy industry.”

Environment Secretary James Kenney, added, “A partnership between our national labs and state agencies will ensure the rapid development and deployment of zero carbon hydrogen technologies for the private sector while shaping public sector policies.

“New Mexico is the epicentre of innovation in the Southwest when it comes to decarbonisation efforts and this partnership will help us reach our ambitious climate goals that much sooner.”

With the signing on the deal now done, the parties will identify lead coordinators to facilitate the overall planning and implementation of this partnership, and focus on the development of New Mexico’s zero-carbon hydrogen workforce.

John Sarrao, Laboratory Director for Science, Technology and Engineering at Los Alamos National Laboratory, said, “Los Alamos is committed to and engaged in helping find technical solutions to today’s urgent energy challenges; we also recognise that we must partner with impacted communities in delivering solutions.

“We look forward to applying our scientific expertise and partnering with the state and Sandia to move together toward a sustainable, zero-carbon future for our region and our neighbours.”


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