The duo on Friday (March 4) signed a cooperation that will see Metacon supply its hydrogen refuelling stations to PERIC for distribution around Europe to support the shift to zero-emissions vehicles.

PERIC’s deployment efforts follow-on from the company’s hydrogen refuelling commitments for the Winter Olympics that saw the firm support the refuelling of 800 fuel cell electric buses.

Christer Wikner, President and CEO of Metacon, said, “The European market for hydrogen refuelling stations has started to grow and we expect it to grow fast over many years, driven by the accelerating green energy and fuel transition.

“We are very happy to be able to extend our partnership with PERIC for electrolysers to now also cover the hydrogen refuelling station area. PERIC is one of the world-leaders in the manufacturing of hydrogen systems and together we seen an opportunity to meet the emerging needs on the Nordic and European markets.”

Mr. Yuguang Zhang, General Manager, PERIC Hydrogen Technologies, added, “PERIC has over many years developed one of the world’s strongest and most complete product portfolios in the hydrogen area.

“We are now taking an important step in Europe together with Metacon in the growing HRS market. We truly believe our products in this area can contribute in a significant way to the green energy transition in the transport sector and thus, to the united global fights against climate change.”


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