Electrolysis is a fundamental aspect of the hydrogen value chain and is seen as the most prominent way to generate the clean energy carrier including the most sought after variant – green hydrogen.

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The new Honeywell technology has a primary focus on proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysers in addition to anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyser two popular types.

Within lab testing, the company has found that the technology enables higher electrolyser efficiency and higher electric current density which is estimated to also provide a 25% reduction in electrolyser stack costs.

These costs could be crucial for the hydrogen community as a means to accelerate electrolyser projects and produce cost-competitive green hydrogen.

Ben Owens, Vice-President and General Manager at Honeywell Sustainable Technology Solutions, said, “Honeywell is a proven leader in developing innovative membrane technologies, and our latest technology has been validated in lab tests by third-party hydrogen electrolyser technologists,

“By accelerating the development of these high-performance CCMs, Honeywell is contributing to the transition to a hydrogen-based economy.”

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