The plans aim to decarbonise the regions gas grids by integrating complete hydrogen blends and renewable natural gas (RNG) to fully support the green revolution in the US.

This will help to electrify domestic heat in those targeted areas.

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Dubbed National Grid’s Clean Energy Vision: A fossil-free future for cleanly heating homes and businesses, the strategy aims to integrate hydrogen further into the energy network and create demand for the clean energy carrier.

It is also said that integrating hydrogen will create an affordable pathway to net zero, add clean energy choices, protect good jobs, improve grid reliability and resiliency, and be cost-efficient especially in the long-term.

John Pettigrew, CEO of the National Grid, said, “This fossil-free vision is an historic announcement for National Grid and the United States. We have a critical responsibility to lead the clean energy transition for our customers and communities.

“Just as we are investing in renewables like wind and solar to decarbonise the energy running through our electric network, we are committing to decarbonise our gas network by transitioning it completely to renewable natural gas and hydrogen by 2050 or sooner.”

Honorary Michael Cusick, Chairman of the Assembly Energy Committee at the New York State Assembly, said, “As Chairman of the Assembly Energy Committee, I am excited by today’s announcement that National Grid will be eliminating fossil fuels from their electric and gas systems by 2050.

“In order to achieve our state climate and energy goals there must be a commitment not only from the legislature but from the energy industry to transition our energy grid away from polluting fossil fuels.

“In today’s announcement, National Grid demonstrated that commitment and their plans to eliminate fossil fuels is a tremendous step in our continued efforts to transform our energy sector.”

Steve Finnigan, Sub District Director, of United Steelworkers District 4, said, “Our members have been helping reduce methane emissions for years, and we’re eager to take this next step toward a potential fossil-free future in the fight against climate change.

“We’re uniquely qualified to help transform our existing gas system to safely and reliably deliver RNG and green hydrogen, as well as to install new heating technologies such as networked geothermal loops.

“We are partnering with National Grid to focus on workforce development and training, in order to ensure that thousands of skilled workers are not left behind during any developing clean energy transition.”

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