Dubbed the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, the consortium’s partners are preparing to execute at least three hydrogen pilot projects: heavy duty transport in the Southwest US, green ammonia production in New York, and integrated blue and green hydrogen for industrial, peaking power and heavy transport applications in the Gulf.

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These pilot projects have a well-defined business case and include the stimulation of clean hydrogen demand to ensure an adequate, cost-competitive supply.

The consortium will also focus on projects that provide an ability to scale and be replicable for significant impact on decarbonisation across the US.

To date, nearly 20 organisations have joined the consortium.

Donna DeCarolis, President of Distribution at National Fuel, said, “At National Fuel, we are keenly focused on the incorporation of low and zero-carbon fuel into our delivery infrastructure, which we believe will be critically important to the achievement of a net-zero economy.

“Our membership in this important consortium is another step in that direction, building on our participation in energy technology-development groups such as the low carbon resources initiative, and the continuing efforts of the Company’s Energy Transition Steering Committee, which is studying the feasibility and potential development of projects focused on renewable natural gas, hydrogen, and carbon capture utilisation and storage.”

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