The company says its new ‘Coolth Engine’ technology offers an eco-friendly solution that requires zero downtime, enabling the delivery of consecutive vehicle refuelling operation, without large power usage.

In 2021, NanoSUN was awarded £170,000 ($203,900) by the UK Government’s Department for Transport in partnership with Innovate UK to design develop an alternative cooling process for rapid hydrogen road freight vehicle refuelling.

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Having eliminated the need for moving parts and operating costs of conventual chillers, it is hoped NanoSUN’s new technology could provide a solution to the challenges facing the upscaling of hydrogen infrastructure.

Michael Fritchley, Impact and Performance Manager, at Innovate UK, commented, “Developing technology for the rapid refuelling of hydrogen vehicles is essential to decarbonise the heavy-duty transport sector. This project takes an important step in achieving this, by demonstrating a cost-effective, innovative cooling solution which enhances the process of hydrogen refuelling.”

Current hydrogen cooling approaches have offered slow refuelling times or prove energy intensive and expensive, which have put barriers in place at a time when the upscaling of hydrogen infrastructure is required.

Dean O’Connor, CEO of NanoSUN, said, “If we are to develop a reliable hydrogen refuelling infrastructure end users can rely on, it’s crucial that we deliver a more desirable cooling method that operators of refuelling stations can confidently utilise at a lower cost.

“NanoSUN’s ability to deliver this new, eco-friendly solution, demonstrates the team’s continuous expertise and drive dedicated to supporting the transportation industry in transitioning to a green future.”

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