With a partnership agreement signed between the University of Namibia and dClimate, the companies will establish a blockchain-native registry and verification system for quantifying several carbon related products included in green hydrogen projects in the country.

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This will help with the verification of the country’s green hydrogen projects and help investors monitor the carbon levels of the hydrogen production methods.

In time this will help with hydrogen verification of the purity levels and thus support future exports of the clean energy carrier.

Sid Jha, founding Partner at dClimate, said, “We are excited to partner with the Republic of Namibia through the University of Namibia to use transparent satellite monitoring to create a scalable, blockchain native verification and registry system for quantifying Namibia’s overall carbon impact.

“By working together with the staff, researchers, and academics at the University of Namibia, we will be able to verify the country’s carbon credits to help support ongoing green hydrogen projects within the country.

“This not only represents an exciting use case for how blockchain technology can power climate action, but for how countries can leverage decentralised climate data to support sustainability projects.”

James Mnyupe, Presidential Economic Advisor and Hydrogen Commissioner for the Namibian Government, said, “Namibia’s green hydrogen ambitions are testimony to its commitment to combat climate change through its efforts to decarbonise local, regional and global industrial clusters.

“dClimate’s data platform promises to accurately capture Namibia’s effort to fight climate change and enable us to monetise green hydrogen in a scalable manner.

“This partnership is in line with Namibia’s intentions to diversify its funding sources as articulated in its Integrated National Financing Framework.”

Making hydrogen happen

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