Under the partnership, Motive Fuels will offer green hydrogen fuel as package with Tevva’s hydrogen-powered trucks offering a zero-emission solution to UK truck operators in a push to decarbonise the heavy transport sector.

Motive has said it will supply hydrogen through its existing network of stations across England, and UK-wide mobile refuelling stations which it claims can be deployed in days, as well as revealing intentions of building new hydrogen stations.

Through the new collaboration, H2 View understands, Tevva plans to offer a range of its newly unveiled hydrogen-electric 7.5, 12, and 19 tonne trucks.

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Dr. Harsh Pershad, Head of Hydrogen at Tevva, said, “We are delighted to partner with Motive Fuels as we continue to expand our dual energy approach to decarbonising the HGV industry.

“We want to make hydrogen fuel usage to be convenient, affordable and sustainable. To achieve this, we are helping remove some of the adoption risks associated with this transition as part of our hydrogen refuelling services.

“Motive Fuels is one of the most experienced UK hydrogen refuelling providers and a natural partner for Tevva in making this a reality and we look forward to working closely with the team.”

Dr. James Cross, Commercial Director at Motive Fuels, added, “We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Tevva to supply green hydrogen to HGV customers. The hydrogen transport industry is new and this combined offer will help customers access both vehicles and fuel.

“We are pleased to be working with Tevva to bring our whole range of services – from mobile refuelling to new station building – to allow us to decarbonise the UK heavy goods sector.”

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