The company stated that a 10MW HCS can produce up to 4,500kg of hydrogen per day, the equivalent of refuelling 40 to 50 hydrogen powered trucks or buses, which would therefore reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by 117 tonnes per day.

As national hydrogen strategies focus in on hard-to-abate industries, in addition to fleet refuelling, H-TEC says its system is suitable for industrial production such as chemical plants or steel production.

Designed for modular expansion, the system could prove popular with pilot projects with hopes of upscaling. The 2MW cubes can be combined to form multi-megawatt plants, with H-TEC claiming efficiency of 74%.

Robin von Plettenberg, CEO of H-TEC SYSTEMS, said, “The current energy shortage is increasing the pressure on all sectors. At the same time, it offers a chance for many industries.

“The use of green hydrogen not only helps to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but also to secure energy supply in the long term.

“We are therefore very pleased to provide the Hydrogen Cube System, a modular and scalable system that makes it easier for companies in the chemical, mobility and energy sectors to start utilising green hydrogen now, and also expand their projects at a later date.”

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