Based in North Dakota, US, Bakken Energy and Mitsubishi Power Americas have joined forces on a $2bn hub which will focus on blue hydrogen production which is derived from natural gas with the carbon emissions being capture and sequestered.

The duo said they hope to connect the facility by pipeline to other hydrogen hubs currently being developed throughout North America to help the decarbonisation of a variety of sectors such as energy, agriculture, transportation and manufacturing.

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Bakken Energy secures plant to begin development of the $2bn North Dakota hydrogen hub

With MHA becoming the provider of natural gas for the hydrogen hub project, it provides the company a foothold to develop the hydrogen ecosystem whilst also contributing to the decarbonisation of the US.

The hub is expected to be commercially operational in early 2027 and will be one of the largest hydrogen production facilities in the US with a gross production capacity of 348,000 metric tonnes per year.

By using state-of-the-art auto thermal reforming, carbon capture and sequestration, the hydrogen will be 96% carbon-free.

Mark Fox, Chairman of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation, said, “The MHA Nation is excited to become part of this world class clean hydrogen development.

“Natural gas from the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation will enable the clean energy we need to save our planet, and in the process will allow us to put in place the infrastructure needed to end the excessive flaring of natural gas on our lands, improving the quality of life of our members.”

Steven Lebow, Chairman and founder of Bakken Energy, said, “Bakken Energy’s Great Plains Hydrogen Hub is a bold undertaking, but we embrace it and we welcome with open arms the MHA Nation as a partner in this project.

“For us, the Hub is the beginning of building the next great company in the clean energy field, focused on making clean, affordable hydrogen available to drive hydrogen adoption and accelerate decarbonisation.”


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