Tevva’s 7.5 tonne heavy-duty truck, unveiled in June (2022) features a ‘plug and play’ hydrogen storage system, designed and built in collaboration with Luxfer over a three month period according to the Nottingham, UK-based firm.

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H2 View understands the system integrates three of Luxfer’s G-Store® H2 cylinders, which uses the company’s unique liner-processing technology, putting them among the highest capacity, fastest to refill and lightest Type 3 alternative fuel cylinders in the world.

Leveraging on Luxfer’s hydrogen storage technology, Tevva say its hydrogen-electric truck will be able to achieve a range of 310 miles (500km), opening the zero-emission solution to a range of fleet operators.

Jim Gregory, European Business Development Manager at Luxfer Gas Cylinders, said, “We were approached by Tevva in October 2020 because they were looking for a partner that focuses on safety and innovation, could meet their supplier code of conduct ethos, and has a shared vision to help make hydrogen the accessible and sustainable clean fuel of today.

“The system, designed using three of our G-Stor® H2 cylinders, was fit for purpose and could be slotted into their existing structure seamlessly.

“This solution offers the best of both worlds, and we’re hugely proud to have been involved in bringing the concept to fruition in what is a landmark launch, showcasing how the UK is leading the way in hydrogen technology.”

Luxfer’s G-Stor H2 cylinders were deployed onboard Wrightbus’ hydrogen-powered double decker bus fleet when it took to the streets of Aberdeen, Scotland for the first time in 2021.

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Commenting on Luxfer’s involvement, a spokesperson for Tevva REX, said, “The team at Luxfer Gas Cylinders has been a great support to us from our initial prototype work to this milestone of launching our first hydrogen electric truck. We look forward to continuing to work with Luxfer as we make further improvements to the design of the bespoke hydrogen storage system ahead of the 7.5 tonne hydrogen electric vehicle entering production.”


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