The regional hub aims to support the development, production, and use of clean hydrogen as a fuel and as a manufacturing feedstock in a bid to reduce carbon emissions and support the transition to clean energy.

As part of this new established agreement, the three states will compete as a unit for government funding established by the Department of Energy (DOE) to support the growth of the hydrogen sector.

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The partnership builds upon existing advantages, such as an inland seaport system that runs from Oklahoma through Arkansas and down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana, existing intermodal rail, existing pipeline infrastructure that runs from Oklahoma through Arkansas to the Gulf of Mexico, and interstate freight highways.

Should this be selected for funding and development be initiated for the regional hydrogen hub, it could see an influx of hydrogen investment and innovation in the states.

Jon Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana, said, “The state of Louisiana, as well as our partner states in this effort, have a long history of producing and transporting fuels and feedstocks in liquid and gas forms, as well as significant population of industrial end users with potential to make use of hydrogen as fuel or as part of manufacturing processes.

“This is an extension of Louisiana’s ongoing efforts in diversifying the makeup of our energy sources and ensuring an economically and environmentally balanced approach to cleaner use of traditional fuels and transition to new potential energy sources.”

Kevin Stitt, Governor of Oklahoma, said, “Oklahoma is honoured to join in forming this partnership, not because of convenience, or necessity, but rather because we share a similar vision and goals for the production, use, and economic impact that can result from creating this hydrogen economy.

“Like our partners, we believe that creating as many end-use cases for commercialisation with as many private partners is the quickest and best mechanism to spur real demand for this clean energy.

“The resources and opportunities in Oklahoma are complementary to our partners and tailor made for a diverse hub application to compete with others around the country.”

Asa Hutchinson, Governor for Arkansas, said, “In Arkansas, we have a growing and diverse energy portfolio and natural resources vital to any successful regional hub. We are the proud home of prominent partners and companies critical to US commerce with a strong history of environmental leadership and track records of reducing emissions.

“We are excited to partner with our neighbours in Louisiana and Oklahoma to put forward a winning application.”

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