The H2 Mobility Deutschland refuelling station is now set to receive hydrogen using LOHC which Hydrogenious says will allow it to be stored in conventional underground tanks, allowing 1,500kg of hydrogen to be stored.

Additionally, after being produced from a PEM electrolyser at Hydrogenious’s headquarters in Erlangen, the hydrogen will be stored in its benzyltoluene LOHC, before being transported in standard fuel tanker.

According to the company, the liquid carrier also boasts safety benefits due to its flame retardant and non-explosive properties, combined with a high energy density, it can be handled like a fossil fuel, using existing infrastructure.

Dr. Daniel Teichmann, CEO and founder of Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies, said, “With our LOHC-based solution, hydrogen refuelling stations can be supplied with hydrogen easily, safely and in an optimised manner, especially in densely populated, urban areas.

“With the H2Sektor project, we are laying the foundation for large-scale hydrogen refuelling stations, which are needed especially for commercial vehicles and the operators of large hydrogen-based truck and bus fleets, thus supporting the decarbonisation of the mobility sector.

“Together with other hydrogen offtakers from industry and transport, the Erlangen filling station will become part of our trans-regional supply chain for green hydrogen, which we are developing with European partners, for example, as part of the Important Projects of Common European Interest.“

The deployment of LOHC at the Erlangen station comes as part of Hydrogenious’ broader H2Sektor pilot project to research and develop an LOHC-based chain from green hydrogen production to transport for mobility, which has received subsidies from the Bavarian state.

Huber Aiwanger, Bavarian State Minister for Economic Affairs, State Development and Energy, and Deputy Minister President, commented, “The success of Bavarian energy research is coming to fruition today with the opening of the world’s first hydrogen refuelling station using the LOHC technology we are promoting, setting standards for the upcoming market ramp-up.

“Thanks to LOHC technology, hydrogen can now be stored on a significant scale without any problems and can also be used again. With this we have achieved a breakthrough.“

In 2020, car giant Hyundai announced it had invested into Hydrogenious in a bid to expand LOHC-based infrastructure.

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