The has said that its hydrogen injector system can be utilised within all thermal engines and thus holds significant promise across a variety of different mobility applications such as buses, boats and additionally generators.

The €2m ($2.29m) fund will set up future developments of the company and help decarbonise the thermal engines and thus achieve the ecological transition.

Logikko will also develop the production of green hydrogen in small quantities for autonomous units through the miniaturisation of its electrolyser, launched in partnership with a Canadian company, in late 2021.

The fundraising will enable Logikko to market its products in France and also internationally.

Jean Arjeau, CEO of Logikko, said, “We would like to thank our Business Angel, convinced by our technology and the possibilities offered to Logikko to market its solutions in France and internationally.

“The potential of the hydrogen sector has grown exponentially in recent months. Logikko stands out thanks to its miniaturised water electrolysis technology and offers a different vision of the ecological and energy transition, not manichean but pragmatic and economically viable.”

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