The HY4 aircraft which is currently operated using pressured gaseous hydrogen, is set to have a new tank and fuel cells integrated, making it the first time the H2FLY will have handled liquid hydrogen on-board.

H2 View understands once integrated with the new kit, the HY4 will undergo a programme of ground testing in early 2023. H2FLY say it is expected to be the world’s first commercial aircraft to fly using liquid hydrogen.

Liquid hydrogen has been hailed as the key to medium and long air travel by many in the industry. A FlyZero report released in March 2022 concluded that liquid hydrogen could power a midsize aircraft with 280 from London to San-Francisco directly.

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Prof. Dr. Josef Kallo, co-founder and CEO of H2FLY, said, “An aircraft that uses liquid hydrogen has the potential to transform the way we travel between cities, regions and countries, delivering true zero-emissions flight on medium and long-haul flights.

“Liquid hydrogen has huge advantages over the alternative pressurised hydrogen gas, not least because it becomes possible to carry a far greater quantity on board an aircraft. The result is that significantly longer ranges are possible.

“At H2Fly we’ve always been focused on delivering and demonstrating new technology, rather than just talking about it. As we head into this exciting new phase for the company we’re looking forward to continuing that tradition and proving this important new technology.”

In 2021, PoweCell announced that it would provide its hydrogen fuel cell systems to H2FLY, with a €720,000 ($735,000) order for 100 systems to develop its hydrogen-electric powertrain solution.

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