The MACH2 Mobile Refueller and MACH2 High-Capacity Hydrogen Trailer are scalable infrastructures that the company says will move hydrogen forward as a cost-effective, low carbon-alternative.

Matthew Blieske, LIFTE H2 Co-Founder and CEO, said, “The utmost barrier to hydrogen adoption is related to cost, which is why we have designed flexible, reliable and safe infrastructure solutions that are economically feasible to deploy and operate.”

The MACH2 mobile refueller is a combination hydrogen dispenser and high-capacity trailer and can reduce the estimated cost of investing in hydrogen infrastructure significantly.

The company claim it can make reductions of nearly 50% less than the cost to invest in a fixed solution and up to 35% less than the cost of other mobile refuelling options available.

It has a refuelling speed of up to 3.6kg per minute, which is then doubled to 7.2kg when paired with an external chiller and can refill a hydrogen bus or truck in around 10 minutes.

The MACH2 High-Capacity Hydrogen Trailer is claimed to reduce the cost of delivering hydrogen by 20%, with a capacity of nearly 1,330kg at approximately 550 bar, making it the highest capacity hydrogen trailer available.

Both products are equipped with a secure Asset Performance Management system, enabling low-cost, high reliability operations and maintenance and real-time asset monitoring.

Last year, LIFTE H2 and Burckhardt Compression announced that the companies will develop a joint offering of hydrogen solutions.

LIFTE H2 said by coupling its product and services roadmaps, and pipeline of infrastructure projects, with Buckhardt’s compressor technology, reliability and cost, it hopes to advance the industry towards mass market adoption of hydrogen.

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JCB announced last year the ‘industry’s first’ mobile hydrogen refueller, after the company invested €100m in developing ‘super-efficient’ hydrogen engines, the refueller hoping to meet the needs of potential hydrogen customers in the future.

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