Working in conjunction with hydrogen heavy weights Lhyfe and Plug Power, the company has been able to integrate a new fleet of warehouse trucks running on green hydrogen into operation.

In doing so, it helps test the use of green hydrogen within logistical operations and could pave the way forward for further decarbonisation at Lidl through the use of hydrogen and fuel cells.

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Expanding on this new fleet of warehouse trucks, Lidl has also said that some 98 trucks from its fleet have been running on renewable green hydrogen since January 2022 – 80% of its. Current fleet in Carquefou.

But where is the green hydrogen to power the trucks being sourced from? Lhyfe has a green hydrogen production plant situated near the location and is producing the clean energy carrier from seawater and renewable electricity.

Due to the close proximity to the Lidl warehouse, the green hydrogen can be sources and transported to the end user at a cost-competitive rate primarily to the smaller fees associated with its transferring.

Plug Power has also supported the project by, in collaboration with HRS and Jungheinrich, supplied the equipment needed to implement the hydrogen solution. Plug Power is also expected to carry out the maintenance of all equipment on site.

Gregory Podda, Head of Logistics, Lidl France, said, “Lidl is proud to be opening in Carquefou the first logistics platform in Europe to operate with green hydrogen thanks to its partners Plug Power, which adapted the warehouse trucks, and Lhyfe whose green hydrogen production plant is 75 kilometres from our site.

“With 98 warehouse trucks in operation and a delivery truck to come in 2022, Lidl believes in the future of green hydrogen for optimising its logistics and lowering its CO2 emissions in keeping with its commitments.”

Julien Saleix, Regional Sales Manager, Plug Power, said, “Hydrogen technology for handling vehicles is mature, deployed at 165 sites around the world and on more than 50,000 machines for the productivity gains that it brings.

“For the first time, the hydrogen used here is green, renewable hydrogen – Lidl is developing a more sustainable energy model. This Carquefou site integrates economic aspects and ambitious environmental objectives.”

Matthieu Guesné, CEO and founder of Lhyfe, said, “We are delighted with this partnership, which perfectly illustrates the multiple business interests – both in terms of responsibility and practicality – in switching to renewable green hydrogen.

“Following the transportation industry and public operators, Lidl is paving the way for renewable hydrogen in the world of logistics, transport and the private sector. This is a very promising turning point for energy transition.”

North American Hydrogen Summit

H2 View is taking its events platform to America’s original clean hydrogen hub of California. Together with the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP), we will stage our North American Hydrogen Summit in San Francisco on July 14-15.

As our summit theme Building Bridges: Hydrogen hubs and investment suggests, the event will explore the $8bn of funding announced to create at least four regional hydrogen hubs in the US. These hubs will turbo-charge the nation’s progress toward heavy trucking and industrial sectors that run without producing carbon pollution – and they may just provide the path forward to a hydrogen-fuelled future.

With California and Texas vying to be America’s hydrogen capital today, where are the hubs of tomorrow? Further still, what can other states, and countries, learn from California’s success story? And how can we build bridges to a successful flow of international investment?

Our early bird offer tickets are $1,000, for a limited time only. If you are a member of the CaFCP, be sure to grab your ticket at a discounted rate with a code that can be provided to you by the events team.

Full information about this event including attendance and sponsorship packages can be found here.