As part of the agreement, the two companies will look to produce green hydrogen as early as 2023 by coupling a 5MW electrolyser with a 20MW photovoltaic system that will enable the production of 1,200kg of green hydrogen per day.

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The green hydrogen produced through this partnership will be used for industrial purposes in addition to transportation applications as a means to decarbonise these crucial sectors in Germany, the companies have said.

The establishment of hydrogen production sites will support the overall energy transition by providing a means for local companies to reduce carbon footprints whilst also creating a basis to expand hydrogen refuelling station development.

With this development, demand for hydrogen could be increased with increased usage of hydrogen across several sectors.

Armin Scherl, Team Leader Systems Engineering at Enerparc AG, said, “For the competitive production of green hydrogen, a cheap supply of electricity is of crucial importance. The direct supply of locally produced solar power for electrolysis is therefore particularly effective.

“This creates a very valuable partnership with this project, which further expands the philosophy of both companies: a sustainable ecological and at the same time economic transformation of the energy sector.”

Luc Graré, Head of International Business at Lhyfe, said, “The targeted development of local hydrogen ecosystems is a decisive milestone for the climate neutrality of numerous municipalities.

“Climate protection begins at the local and regional level. Strategic partnerships such as with Enerparc are important in order to be able to develop precisely these projects across the board. We are already involved in a large number of projects in France and Denmark.

“Now we are also positioning ourselves broadly in Germany.”

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