KOGAS has grown to operate four liquid natural gas (LNG) regasification terminals and 4,945km of natural gas pipelines in South Korea.

Last year, the South Korean Government announced plans to hit Net Zero by 2050, replacing coal-fired power generation with renewable sources and fossil fuelled vehicles with hydrogen-powered and battery-based electric vehicles.

It’s hoped that increase in hydrogen storage in the country will aid its transition away from fossil fuels.

Seung Lee, Executive Vice-President of Korean Gas Corporation, said, “Hydrogen has emerged as a key enabler to meet these decarbonisation goals and KOGAS will play a leading role in building the infrastructure for hydrogen shipping, storage and distribution to make these ambitions a reality.”

Earlier today it was announced that Elogen would supply South Korean based, Valmax with PEM electrolysers.

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Cesar Canals, Senior Vice President of CB&I, said, “Viable storage solutions on both ship and shore will be fundamental for South Korea to realise its carbon neutrality goals.

“With ongoing research and development efforts well underway to scale up capacity thresholds for liquid hydrogen storage, CB&I is honoured to join KOGAS in setting the pace for the rapid development of a large-scale hydrogen economy for South Korea.”


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