Kiwa has said, it designed and managed the build of the production plant which features the Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) of syngas from biogas, as well as the conversion of its labs to use hydrogen.

H2 View understands Kiwa hopes to evaluate the use of hydrogen in its labs to help manufacturers seeking to understand the performance and longevity of their appliances.

According to the TIC company, the knowledge gained is already proving useful to the development of standards, market regulations, as well as those looking to convert facilities to use hydrogen.

In 2020, Kiwa deepened its support for the use of hydrogen, as it announced it had been involved with the cross-industry group Hydrogen Strategy Now, which lobbied for a UK-wide hydrogen strategy to be established.

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Mark Crowther, Project Director at Kiwa, said, “This production facility demonstrates the feasibility of producing hydrogen from a locally derived source, which will potentially be of interest to biogas production sites.

“Kiwa is already taking bookings from technology developers wanting to demonstrate their products such as hydrogen purifiers, gas analysers, and low-carbon capture technologies.”


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