Initial production of 2Mtpa of clean ammonia could be ramped up to 8Mtpa, serving demand in Europe, Asia and domestically.

The proposed facility on the US Gulf Coast, developed by JERA Americas and ConocoPhillips, aims to produce hydrogen and convert it into clean ammonia to be supplied to JERA and Uniper under long-term sale and purchase agreements (SPAs).

Uniper is targeting about 1Mtpa of green ammonia by the end of the decade.

A project engineering study will be completed by year end to develop the first phase of this landmark project which will assess green and blue hydrogen opportunities.

It is expected to reach commercial operation in the late 2020s including a complete certified CCS program.

Both companies are working jointly to optimise their LNG portfolio. As a result, Uniper will be able to supply additional LNG to Germany and JERA to Japan and beyond.

Steven Winn, CEO of JERA Americas, said it is committed to providing solutions to the world’s energy issues and actively working to establish ammonia and hydrogen value chains.

The combination of a skilled workforce, plentiful natural gas, abundant renewable resources, deep-water ports, and ideal CCS geology make the US Gulf Coast uniquely advantaged to produce the low carbon fuel to enable the Atlantic and Pacific energy markets transition, he added.

He said the project will support Germany’s decarbonisation efforts while advancing ammonia technology development for hydrogen distribution and industrial decarbonisation.

Yukio Kani, JERA Corporate Vice President, Managing Executive Officer of JERA, said through its own technologies, ConocoPhillips’ low carbon innovation and Uniper’s proven low carbon technologies, it will support the global energy evolution.

He added, “We also see this collaboration as a positive step to help Europe, Germany and other users during this time of crisis with new low carbon energy supplies coming from the US.”

Niek Den Hollander, Uniper SE, Chief Commercial Officer said its collective goal is to jointly develop and deliver material LNG supply in the very near term and US sourced green and blue hydrogen to Europe to support our longer-term values and goals.

Marc Merrill, President and CEO of Uniper North America, emphasised the importance of continued strong global relationships, particularly at this extraordinary time for both energy security and the energy transition.

He said, “Uniper North America highly values this opportunity to work closely with JERA Americas on core US infrastructure projects delivering both LNG and hydrogen.”

Woodside Energy Trading Singapore recently entered into a flexible long-term SPA with Uniper Global Commodities SE (Uniper) for Woodside to supply LNG from its global portfolio into Europe, including Germany, for a term up to 2039, commencing in January 2023.