The opportunity to decarbonise South Wales could be a crucial one with many industrial sectors calling this region home and thus is a key part of the UK to introduce green hydrogen.

Read more: RWE to explore green hydrogen production in Wales with 100MW electrolyser

The study set to take four months to complete and will include the integration of a 100MW electrolyser system that, when coupled with renewable energy provided from floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea, will become one of the UK’s “largest” green hydrogen plants in development.

In addition to the implementation of the 100MW electrolyser, the feasibility will also aim to explore hydrogen’s integration into the local transportation sector allowing further decarbonisation of Wales.

Donald Morrison, People & Places Solutions Senior Vice-President for Europe and Digital Strategies at Jacobs, said, “This feasibility study provides us with an opportunity to work alongside RWE to grow their innovative projects that will further move our sector to low and zero emission generation.

“This work reaffirms our 20-year relationship with RWE at Pembroke Power Station and demonstrates our ambitions for Jacobs to be at the forefront of delivering the energy transition.”

Richard Little, Manager at the Pembroke Power Station, said, “We’re excited to see the outputs of Jacob’s feasibility study over coming weeks, the first step towards the potential construction of large-scale hydrogen infrastructure at Pembroke.

“Hydrogen will be a game changer in the decarbonisation of heavy industry in South Wales and RWE will be a key partner in helping achieve that.”


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