With tests being performed on a AEM electrolyser system, the production of green hydrogen using this innovative unit could begin as soon as 2024.

Durability tests now underway in large-format cells, including results beyond 7500 hours, show no measurable membrane degradation (less than 0.05%) and total system (membrane, catalyst, flow field) degradation rates of less than 0.4% per 1000 hours.

According to the company, these statistics far outpace the Clean Hydrogen JU’s target for measurable system degradation of 0.9% per 1000 hours by 2024.

This could be crucial for scaling he hydrogen economy as it provides sufficient quantities of cost-competitive green hydrogen.

Benjamin Britton, Chief Strategy Officer, Director and co-founder of Ionomr Innovations, said, “Membranes are a central component in the hydrogen materials world. Reducing their cost and improving performance will drive the creation of a more affordable, green hydrogen economy.

“These Aemion+® test results confirm that we are already producing membranes that outperform the standards being set for 2024. At Ionomr we are driving hard to refine these membranes and demonstrate systems that meet 2030 standards well ahead of that target.

“Aemion+® materials set the stage for the widespread availability of high-performing, ion- exchange membranes developed with modern, green chemistry, and Ionomr is pleased to be leading the path to success.”

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