“Most excitingly, we’ve seen real interest from sponsors who are keen to support the recognition of enterprise, innovation and performance that the Awards represent,” said Event Manager, Becky Knight.

“It seems we might have launched at just the right moment and there is a happy acceptance that the Hydrogen Awards are international, independent and impartial.”

Each year the Hydrogen Awards will aim to recognise and reward those businesses around the world that are carrying out award-winning work. Greater and lesser scales of operation will be recognised for their work and judges will be chosen for their understanding of how the hydrogen sector works across the world and across different sectors.

H2 View is the Exclusive Media Partner of the awards and shares in the desire to recognise excellence and innovation in hydrogen, at a time when the hydrogen society is focused on moving from ambition to deliverables.

Categories and call for entries

The call for entries to the awards is open until June 30. There are 18 categories to enter and win, plus one Gold Award for Outstanding Achievement, decided by the judges from all category winners.

As many as 11 categories look specifically at the use of hydrogen across industry sectors. A further seven categories look for excellence in the production, storage, distribution and marketing of hydrogen, as well as in training and development and from installation, service and maintenance specialists, and innovation or developments in legal, financial and professional services for the hydrogen sector.

All entry forms are completed online – a submission paper must be prepared offline then uploaded to the awards website. The guide template of headings and suggested content for the written submission can be found on the Useful Advice page, along with other helpful information.

Activity described in the entry must have taken place between November 1, 2020 and April 30, 2022 – an eighteen-month eligibility period. Reference to prior products or developments may the judges to view the activity in context, but organisers stress the entries will not be judged on past glories.


A panel of potential judges is being compiled, but the judges will be selected only once all entries have been received and will be chosen for their experience.

They will vote independently for the company, service or activity they think is best in a given category. Their combined votes will be added together to find a winner in each category.

No judge is allowed to vote for any company, brand, service or activity with which they have had a past or current involvement. If a judge is also an executive of a sponsor company, they are not allowed to vote for any entries in the category they are sponsoring.

There will be two stages to the judging: the first will ensure entries meet the criteria for entry and standard of submission; the second stage will decide the places in each category. Awards of Merit will only be awarded to companies that run a very close second to the Winner. Up to 500 marks may be awarded to a single entry.

The judges’ decisions will be arrived at independently and will be final.

Leading media partner

H2 View is proud to be Exclusive Media Partner for the Hydrogen Awards, and Event Manager Becky Knight is equally clear on how powerful the right media partner can be for a business awards project.

“The right media partner becomes a powerful ally in promoting the Awards, extending their reach way beyond anything we could have achieved on our own. It was with real pride that we were able to announce our media partnership with H2 View, which is the must-read service for the ever-growing hydrogen economy globally.”

A firm belief in not only the transition to clean energies, but also the role of hydrogen in that transition, means H2 View is committed to providing an unparalleled print and digital offering, dedicated to pressing home the progression in hydrogen energy markets and championing the challenges and opportunities they face.