The company today (Jan 27) said it is now inviting major engineering design contractors to tender for the next stage of the design of the “world scale” hydrogen plant and associated infrastructure

With the announcement, INEOS will take the next step in its roadmap to deliver a sustainable, net zero carbon future at the location – and contribute to the Scottish Government’s emissions reduction target by 2045.

Already, INEOS has committed over £500m ($669m) on active projects across the site, including a new energy plant which is due to be commissioned in late 2023. Once operational, the plant will cut emissions by at least 150,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Later down the line, the plant will be converted to run purely on hydrogen to further reduce emissions.

Andrew Gardner, CEO of Chairman at Grangemouth, said, “This is an exciting development and an important step forward for our site. We are determined to reduce out own emissions to net zero by 20245, create products that will help others reduce their emissions and play a leading role in the clean hydrogen revolution.”

Stuart Collings, CEO of INEOS O&P, said, “We are progressing at pace with our commitment to deliver our net zero plans. This will see the displacement of hydrocarbon fuels used at Grangemouth, like natural gas, with clean, low carbon hydrogen to power our processes and manufacture vital materials used across a wide range of sectors.

“To achieve this, we are inviting bids from the best engineering companies to design both a state-of-the-art carbon capture enabled hydrogen production plant and an extensive suite of related infrastructure projects.

“The carbon dioxide from this project will be routed to the Scottish Cluster’s Acorn CO2 transport and storage project, resulting in reductions of more than one million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year.”


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