Each year the Hydrogen Awards will aim to recognise and reward those businesses around the world that are carrying out award-winning work.

Greater and lesser scales of operation will be recognised for their work and judges will be chosen for their understanding of how the hydrogen sector works across the world and across different sectors.

H2 View asked Event Manager Becky Knight how companies can enter the awards and what we can look forward to…

H2 View: What do you need to do to enter the awards?

BK: First, read through the category list and decide which categories you wish to enter. Remember, you can enter as many categories as you wish, and the entry fee reduces dramatically for second and subsequent entries.

Next, assemble the information you need to make your entry. There may be subtle differences between what you may need to present for each category, so please make sure you prepare your submission with the specific category in mind, retuning the words if you need to enter the same entry in another category. This is especially important for the 100-word summary you provide for each entry.

Then, you will need to write your submission. There is a limit on the number of words in any one submission. While 1,500 words seems a lengthy essay, a complex submission will quickly chew through that number. But be aware, the judges will mark down over-length submissions, so please watch the word count. Similarly, the judges will vote higher any paper that is concisely written with no unnecessary hyperbole or self-promotion.

Separately, you can supply additional information to support your submission, which will not affect your word count.

H2 View: Is there any specific guidance or ‘golden rule’ to keep in mind when entering?

BK: Yes! Please pay particular attention to any specific criteria for the category you wish to enter, though the organisers have avoided being overly prescriptive about criteria in this first year of the Awards.

The judges will appreciate your extra effort, even if it is simply to provide an introductory sentence or two as evidence that you have addressed the category’s criteria.

H2 View: Who will judge the entries?

BK: Expert groups of up to five judges per category will scrutinise and mark the entries to the Hydrogen Awards.

A panel of potential judges is currently being compiled, but they will only be selected once all entries have been received – and they will definitely be chosen for their experience and merits themselves.

They will vote independently for the company, service or activity they think is best in a given category. Their combined votes will be added together to find a winner in each category.

Six steps for successful entry

Decide which category or categories you wish to enter
Prepare your written submissions offline including any embedded thumbnail visuals and URL links to video files
Complete the online entry form fully, including the important 100-word summary of your entry
Upload your written submission online, when prompted
Upload your company/brand logo and one high resolution, photographic image to support your entry, when asked
Submit your completed entry no later than May 31 and pay the entry fee. A first entry fee is £250 (€300/$375) and any second or subsequent entry will incur a fee of £125 (€150/$185), each.

H2 View: How will the awards celebrate the winners and finalists?

BK: We hope that the Finalists and Winners will receive their recognition and a walk on stage in October 2022, though the date and venue have yet to be agreed. Provided there is no objection from the Hydrogen Europe flagship event, the Awards dinner and ceremony may well take place on October 25 or 26, when the hydrogen world will meet in Brussels.”

We also aim to showcase winners and finalists in print and online, for maximum exposure and recognition of their fantastic efforts to create a better and cleaner world for us all.

Whether it’s about entering, sponsoring or attending the awards, full details can be found on the website, including phone numbers and email addresses for the organisers.

Website: hydrogenawards.com

Twitter: @H2Awards

Leading media partner

H2 View is proud to be Exclusive Media Partner for the Hydrogen Awards, and Event Manager Becky Knight is equally clear on how powerful the right media partner can be for a business awards project.

“The right media partner becomes a powerful ally in promoting the Awards, extending their reach way beyond anything we could have achieved on our own. It was with real pride that we were able to announce our media partnership with H2 View, which is the must-read service for the ever-growing hydrogen economy globally.”

A firm belief in not only the transition to clean energies, but also the role of hydrogen in that transition, means H2 View is committed to providing an unparalleled print and digital offering, dedicated to pressing home the progression in hydrogen energy markets and championing the challenges and opportunities they face.