Impact Coatings offers customer-focused coating services, clean coating technologies, and flexible coating systems with a focus on hydrogen solutions, autonomous safety functions, and tailored coating solutions for high-end applications.

Its order with Boyuan, which H2 View understands is worth around the €1.2m to €1.4m range, is planned for final delivery in Q4 2022.

Boyuan itself is specialised in the precise forming technology of fuel cell metal plates.

The system order is placed through the trading company Liaocheng Golden Bridge Import and Export Co., Ltd, and includes Managed Services for four months. Managed Services means that Impact Coatings – for a period – operates the coating system at the customer’s premises.

Impact Coatings utilises vacuum deposition methods – sustainable processes – to apply thin layers of metal or ceramic coatings that improve performance and durability. The company markets coating equipment under the trademark INLINECOATER™ and coating materials under the trademark MAXPHASE™.

The company’s service models and systems are flexible and scalable to fit the fast-paced markets the company operates within.

As of April this year, that included the China market, with Impact Coatings revealing on April 8 that it had introduced a new subsidiary to support the company’s ambitions in the People’s Republic.

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Opening in Shanghai, the subsidiary will continue Impact Coating’s expertise in the energy market with the company providing PVD coating solutions that can help enhance the hydrogen value chain.

Torbjörn Sandberg, CEO of Impact Coatings, said at the time, “Based on expected growth due to local market demand and global trends, we see this expansion as a natural next step in our growth journey.”