Invenergy has said its Sauk Valley Hydrogen project plans to generate green hydrogen, using power from the company’s co-located solar plant in Nelson, and Ohmium’s electrolyser technology, with ambitions of being operational by the end of 2022.

Expected to produce up to 52 tonnes of hydrogen annually, the project is set to also boast up to 400kg of hydrogen storage on site, which can provide Invenergy’s 584MW Nelson Energy Centre, with any excess being able to be shipped and used offsite.

Ohumium’s PEM electrolyser is said to generate up to 6kg of hydrogen per hour, with the project hoping to demonstrate the capabilities of the firm’s green hydrogen production coupled with power from Invenergy’s renewable energy facility.

With technologies including wind, solar, thermal generation and advanced energy storage projects in its arsenal, the latest project makes green hydrogen Invenergy’s fifth technology in its portfolio.

Matt Micholls, Vice-President of Origination New Technologies at Invenergy, said, “The Invenergy team is incredibly excited to launch our first green hydrogen venture as we continue to lead the transition to a clean energy future.

“Green hydrogen is an innovative, zero-carbon solution that enables us to decarbonise sectors across the economy through clean power.

“Green hydrogen projects can scale rapidly and efficiently to reach megawatt to gigawatt applications. We are proud to be working with Ohmium International as we launch this green hydrogen development.”

Arne Ballantine, CEO of Ohmium International, added, “We’re thrilled to partner with Invenergy, one of the largest and most well-respected renewable energy developers in the world, on their first green hydrogen project.

“We hold a shared vision, and we are eager to pair their industry expertise with our intuitive, low-carbon, PEM electrolysers to further advance domestic green hydrogen production.”

The planned deployment of its technology comes after Ohmium in January (2022) revealed it had signed a strategic deal with Hero Future Energies to generate 1000MW of green hydrogen production across India, the UK and Europe.

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