Dubbed Expecting Generation One, the campaign features a short video showcasing the vehicle manufacturers commitment to fight climate change and achieve carbon neutrality.

As a company, Hyundai wants to achieve net-zero carbon emissions throughout its whole value chain by 2045 – and it is already making get headways with such ambition.

To achieve this, the company has already showcased its hydrogen vision for 2040, through which a surge of new hydrogen mobility products set to hit the market.

On the campaign, Thomas Schemera, Global Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience Division of Hyundai Motor Company, said, “With this campaign, Hyundai aims to build consensus with customers about the value of planning for future generations.

“Our action is not just for us living in the present, but also for all future generations, including the ecosystems of our precious planet.”

As part of its push for clean mobility, Hyundai intends aims to secure 30% of its global vehicles sales with zero-emission vehicles. By 2040, the company expects that battery electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles will account for 80% of its total fleet sales.

Hyundai: Leading the way for hydrogen-powered SUVs in the US

© Hyundai

Offering the only hydrogen-powered SUV in the US market, Hyundai Motor Company prides itself in its commitment to clean energy and fuel cell stack technology.Hyundai started its commitment to hydrogen around 21 years ago, right at the turn of the century, and since that point the vehicle manufacturer has not looked back.

The NEXO, Hyundai’s latest fuel cell vehicle offering, was launched in 2019 and has since taken the Californian market by storm, with approximately 400-500 units running in the sunshine state right now.

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