With a regional focus in Ile-de-France, the collaboration will aim to establish 20 hydrogen stations with a capacity of 1 tonne per day and six smaller stations by 2024.

This provides a significant boost to the local area’s hydrogen infrastructure paving the way forward for further decarbonisation with hydrogen fuel cell mobility solutions.

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As part of the partnership, Hype, through its subsidiary Hype Assets, will invest in the Last Mile project that is developing a green hydrogen mobility ecosystem.

The project is also being carried out with the support of Banque des Territoires, Hype shareholder and key partner of the Last Mile project, which reiterates the company’s strong commitment to hydrogen mobility in the territories.

Mathieu Gardies, President of Hype, said, “We are very proud of this partnership with Akuo, which is reinforced by the one announced with Ecolotrans on the same day, and is a continuation of the partnerships announced on December 14 with HRS and McPhy.

“This announcement confirms the very strong momentum of the project led by Hype. The integration of the Last Mile project into the Hype ecosystem completes and reinforces our ambition to organise the transition to zero-emission mobility by as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

“Hype’s objective is to provide its partners with the benefit of its unique mastery of the entire hydrogen mobility ecosystem, both in terms of the different types of vehicles, as well as production and distribution infrastructures, in order to pool and rapidly increase usage volumes and provide complete solutions to cities wishing to invest in hydrogen mobility.”

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