Announced today (June 23), the Prancing Horse has set the pace for its drive to carbon neutrality in its manufacturing by 2030, thanks to the planned 1MW installation of Bloom Energy’s solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC).

The Bloom platform converts fuels including hydrogen, biogas, or natural gas into clean electricity without combustion, and hopes to reduce Ferrari’s fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

The companies believe the technology also equips Ferrari to lead the race in Italy’s emerging hydrogen economy. In 2021, Air Liquide and Eni announced a partnership to deploy multiple hydrogen refuelling stations across the country.

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SR Sridhar, founder, Chairman and CEO of Bloom Energy, “Ferrari is a legendary trailblazer in the luxury automotive industry, and Bloom Energy commends their commitment to leading in both operational excellence and carbon neutrality across their entire value chain by 2030.

“By collaborating, we’re showcasing how energy-intensive industries, such as manufacturing, can be decarbonised through clean, reliable energy.

“Ferrari, like Bloom Energy, has a commitment to uniqueness, innovation, technology leadership, and continuous learning that makes them the ideal partner for Bloom’s entry into the European manufacturing landscape, where energy resilience is more crucial than ever. Bloom Energy’s fuel cell platform is a best-in-class solution for a best-in-class luxury automaker.”


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