The joint project, featuring companies such as Uniper, ABB, AB, the Port of Luleå and Luleå Energi, aims to develop a hydrogen value chain in the Baltic Sea as a means to reduce the carbon emissions within Sweden.

This will also see the creation of a hub for hydrogen.

Hydrogen presents an opportunity to decarbonise the maritime industry, a key sector in Sweden, significantly helping to secure a greener future in both the country and Europe.

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Greener transport in the Nordic region with hydrogen initiative

Creating a hydrogen value chain in the region could also make hydrogen a more promising technology for companies to adopt and thus could speed up decarbonisation in the Nordic country.

The maritime industry will not be the only sector be targeted for hydrogen adoption with Botnia Link H2 aiming to promote hydrogen as an alternative for fuel, electricity and heat generation.

Mikki Koskinen, Managing Director of ESL Shipping, said, “Tackling climate change is very urgent, especially given the sensitivity of our home waters in the Baltic Sea. Along with our customers and partners, we have a responsibility to do what we can to turn the tide.

“Industrial partnerships like Botnia Link H2 are key to achieving real change. We very much look forward to participating in developing a much-needed source of fossil-free marine fuel.”

Göran Carlsson, Acting CEO of the Port of Luleå, said, “The technology is evolving fast while the number of hydrogen applications is also growing. With Botnia Link H2 we want to create a hub that can deliver hydrogen directly where it’s needed.

“The Port of Luleå was an obvious choice and it’s tremendous that our first customer partner is a shipping company.”

Johan Svenningsson, CEO of Uniper Sweden, said, “We have still only scratched the surface when it comes to hydrogen’s possibilities and potential to drive sustainability in industry and transport.

“With an almost fossil-free energy system, Sweden is well-positioned for large-scale hydrogen production. Botnia Link H2 is a great example of that potential.”

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