The trial, in partnership with Aberdeen City Council and Norco Energy, will stress test the generator before it is deployed more widely across the UK.

If successful in the trial, it is hoped the generator could replace diesel-fuelled generators in settings such as, construction sites, filmsets, events and festivals, producing clean energy with dramatically reduced noise and vibration output.

Hydrologiq’s generator is believed to be the first of its size to be deployed in the UK. It is currently receiving hydrogen from the refuelling station at ACHES, with Norco Energy providing support, maintenance and logistics.

Running until May 30, the trial is being supported by a grant from the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), as part of the Energy Entrepeneurs Fund.

Benjamin Lindley, Director of Hydrologiq, said, “2022 heralds a new age for generator power. The diesel engine has been around since the 1800s, so it’s about time we embraced new technology to respond to a modern world where air quality and noise pollution are top of the agenda.

“Everyone at Hydrologiq is proud of our collaboration with Aberdeen City Council and Norco Energy to make this dream a reality today.”

In October 2021, Aberdeen City Council was awarded a share of up to £1m ($1.36m) to help fund four renewable projects, including enhancing hydrogen fuel distribution and expanding the hydrogen-powered public sector fleet.

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Alex Nicoll, Co-Leader of Aberdeen City Council, said, “Hosting the trial of this generator in Aberdeen further showcases the city at the forefront of innovation for the hydrogen industry across the country.

“The city has forged ahead to bring hydrogen vehicles into its transport mix and the introduction of new technologies shows the diverse range of uses hydrogen has as a fuel.”


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