The deal, valued at $5m, will see the off grid charging systems, that use GenCell’s fuel cell and energy store technology, implemented across Israel to provide completely emission free vehicle charging.

It is hoped the deal will reduce reliance on fossil fuel powered electricity for electric vehicle charging, as well as relieving strain on the electricity grid in the country.

H2 View understands, E.V. Motors have agreed the purchase of ‘dozens’ of GenCell’s alkaline fuel cell systems, which will be combined with E.V. Motors’ electric vehicle charging technology.

The Israeli-based companies intend to initially install the hydrogen off grid systems at four charging station, expanding to additionally stations all over the nation.

Ohad Seligmann, Chairman of E.V. Motors, said, “We at E.V. Motors are committed to eliminating carbon emissions from the automotive industry in Israel by accelerating the transition from fossil fuelled to electrically powered vehicles.

“The combination offers a unique and comprehensive state-of-the-art solution for autonomous, off-grid, hybrid EV charging that both eliminates emissions and ensures the availability of electricity, independent of the power grid.

“The solution is expected to disrupt the EV charging landscape, first in Israel and subsequently around the world.

“By investing in reliable, efficient, and emission-free EV charging infrastructure, we both guarantee the highest quality of service for our electric vehicle customers and drive the growth of the EV market.”

Last Monday (May 16), GenCell revealed it would be providing its innovative off-grid back-up power solutions for the US market.

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Rami Reshef, CEO at GenCell, commented, “GenCell has once again demonstrated our ability to not only design innovative technology but also to fulfil our promise by delivering the initial off-grid green EV charging stations to E.V. Motors Pure Energy on time and to specification.

“The rapidly increasing volume of electric vehicles is putting pressure on the electricity grid to supply power in the quantity required, and in every location where the vehicles travel.

“By supplementing the grid with autonomous off-grid EV charging stations powered by hydrogen and ammonia, we can reduce this pressure and alleviate the concerns of EV drivers who are afraid that their travel will be limited by the insufficient availability of charging stations.”


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