Recognising the advancement such innovation may propose for the industry, RINA recently awarded Approval in Principal (AiP) for the technology, marking what is believed to be the first AiP awarded to a design currently using viable technologies and fuels to achieve the International Maritime Organisation’s 2050 targets.

Based on combining LNG with steam in a helbio gas reformer to split LNG molecules into hydrogen and carbon dioxide, the solution aims to reduce a ships’ carbon dioxide emissions today should ensure a competitive Carbon Intensity Index (CII) rating.

To do this, hydrogen is directly used to fuel the internal combustion engines and fuel cells in a hybrid marine power system by ABB and the carbon dioxide is captured by splitting the LNG molecules, rather than from exhaust gas.

Antonios Trakakis, Greece Marine Technical Director at RINA, said, “To meet carbon dioxide reduction targets, shipping is faced with the challenge of having solutions which either rely on fossil fuels, but which still require technology to mature, or on new, zero carbon fuels, the availability of which is still far from being guaranteed.

“This new design enables the use of hydrogen as a fuel today without the need for bunkering and storage on board and exceeds IMO 2050 targets for 70% reduction of carbon intensity.”

Andreas Hagberg, Head of Sales and Marketing Department at FKAB, added, “The concept is revolutionary because it does not require any portside hydrogen infrastructure. The hydrogen is created onboard the vessel and all necessary equipment can be easily fitted on deck, so ship owners can convert existing vessels. The fuel cells have been specifically developed to produce more power and fewer emissions.”

Building Bridges: Hydrogen Hubs and Investment

This July, H2 View will hold its first-ever in-person event in the sunshine state of California. Hosted in partnership with the California Fuel Cell Partnership, the event will explore the nation’s plans for at least four hydrogen hubs as well as take an in-depth look at the international investment California and the wider US are seeing.

Confirmed speakers already include the Clean Hydrogen Future Coalition, the Texas Hydrogen Alliance and Plug Power. We are will soon be adding to our jam-packed agenda, so keep your eyes peeled!

Further information on the event, agenda and confirmed speakers can be found here.

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