Being developed by NovoNutrients, the new technology is unique within the market in which it takes the most abundant and inexpensive CO2 containing industrial emissions alongside hydrogen as its key inputs.

The result: a beef-quality protein that is both environmentally and morally friendly.

According to the company, the beef has been described as a quality virtually identical to beef. This has been enabled through a technology that creates a substance which can be widely used.

NovoNutrients has also stated that the protein products deliver the complete set of essential amino acids needed for a healthy diet. It promises to be neutrally flavoured and hypoallergenic, with long shelf life and excellent manufacturing qualities.

David Tze, CEO of NovoNutrients, said, “Delivering beef-quality protein without the cow – while consuming CO2 – is a leap forward for the exploding, global middle class and for the planet. We invite partners to join us, as we ascend to commercialisation.”

This is not the first-time hydrogen has been used to create sustainable food.

Finland-based Solar Foods is using renewable electricity from solar and wind to power an electrolyser in order produce hydrogen. This is then combined with carbon dioxide, water, vitamins and minerals to grow a microbial biomass that can be used as an edible protein.

This process allows food to be produced out of thin air with the Solein composition consists of 65-70% of protein, 10-15% dietary fibres, 4-8% fat and 4-5% minerals.

The vitamins included in Solein come from organic compounds ensuring the sustainability concept is maintained throughout the production process.

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