But how will this be achieved? Loop Energy intends to supply a 30kW eFlow hydrogen fuel cell system to Innotest who will then integrate it into a home power energy system.

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This will provide clarity on hydrogen fuel cells performance and suitability for supply green energy to both residential and commercial buildings in Europe broadening the market for the clean energy carrier.

Although initially set for testing in Switzerland, the two companies are eyeing opportunities in the future to expand the home power system to the rest of Europe.

George Rubin, Chief Commercial Officer at Loop Energy, said, “Innotest’s decision to select Loop Energy’s fuel cell solution demonstrates the versatility of our technology.

“We are very excited to deliver a fuel cell solution from our existing product line which we believe will provide value to both Innotest and its customers across the European market.”

Mathias Kreier, Product Manager at Innotest, said, “The climate crisis is requiring us to find innovative and zero-emission solutions to power our buildings and infrastructure.

“By integrating Loop Energy’s fuel cell technology into our Home Power Energy System, we aim to provide reliable and clean power to homes and businesses across Europe, contributing to driving renewable energy dominance and energy independence lifestyle.”


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