Produced by Slovakian manufacturer Mobility & Innovation, the minibus showcases exactly what zero-emissions urban transit could look like across Europe as the world looks to decarbonise.

UK-based Luxfer Gas Cylinders has supplied its Type 3 alternative fuel cylinders for the innovation, equipped with the company’s unique liner-processing technology.

To maintain optimum fuel efficiency, the weight of all components have been minimised and the bus has been designed to be able to quickly refuel.

Janos Onodi, Director, Mobility & Innovation, said, “Working with Luxfer was vital to the success of the project. Their experience in designing hydrogen vehicles gave us the security of knowing we were getting a state of the art and safe design.

“When pressure came on the timing program their young and dynamic engineering team always stepped up to ensure things were ready on time.”

Jim Gregory, European Business Development Manager at Luxfer, added, “This project was designed, built, tested and homologated in much less than one year, in collaboration with a dynamic team of engineers and suppliers from seven different European countries – all despite the huge limitations that Covid caused on travel and logistics.

“We’re extremely proud to see the H2Bus come to fruition – this is significant in helping many more bus operators and governments become another step closer to achieving their zero emissions targets.”