Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) and 42air on Thursday (Jan 6) inked a deal that could make hydrogen drone deliveries a near term reality, as they look to co-develop the delivery services.

Under the agreement, the duo have said they will look to create new models and develop a service model including specifying and integrating fuel cell power systems, automation software, cargo handling systems and other technologies.

Through focusing on the above details, it is hoped the hydrogen-powered drones will be able to stay airborne for over two hours, with the support of fuel cells which have approximately four to five times higher energy density compared to lithium-ion batteries.

Doosoon Lee, CEO of DMI, said, “Hydrogen fuel cell technology has shown its strength in endurance by making our drone fly for two hours. By working with 42air, we will now show that this technology is happening now, not for the future, and that it is a very promising technology for drone delivery.”

DMI and 42air inked the deal at CES 2022.

Henk Goosen, CEO of 42air, added, “42air aims to improve the economics and convenience of maritime deliveries. By partnering with DMI, we can provide safe and environmentally friendly delivery, improving the life for crews on board of ships that may be stuck in distant anchorages for a long time.”