Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen are set to work with Tas Gas to look into options for supply both industrial and residential customers with green hydrogen produced from Countrywide’s Hydrogen Tasmania Brighton Project.

Utilising existing and new gas network infrastructure, the companies have said they will explore the technical and commercial requirements to supply customers with both 100% hydrogen and blends with natural gas.

H2 View understands Tas Gas supplies more than 9,000 commercial, residential, and industrial customers, making it one of the largest gas retailers on the Australia island.

The Hydrogen Tasmania Brighton Project plans to supply industry, gas users, public transport, and trucking with the clean fuel, with production and distribution facilities set to be constructed.

In June (2022), Countrywide, a subsidiary of ReNu Energy Limited, announced it had identified a site for the prospected project.

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Speaking on the agreement, Geoffrey Drucker, Managing Director of Countrywide, said, “This partnership with Tas Gas provides Hobart with the opportunity to introduce a low carbon gas to customers at scale, and we are incredibly excited by that potential.

“Our vision is to enable industrial gas customers to completely decarbonise their gas supplies, while providing the Tasmanian community with the opportunity to access a blend of green hydrogen and natural gas as a lower carbon gas alternative. This is the first step towards enabling that.

“The Tasmanian Government are consistently looking at ways for the State to reduce their carbon footprint, and this project complements their Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan released in 2019.”

The Tasmanian Government unveiled its hydrogen action plan in November 2019, which found that the island had the potential to produce green hydrogen for up to 15% less than the mainland power grid.

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Phaedra Deckart, CEO of Tas Gas, said,  “Gas is crucial to Tasmania’s energy security with homes, businesses and industrial customers relying on this form of energy every day. This is why we are pleased to be able to announce today that we will be working with Countrywide to explore opportunities that will introduce a new supply of low carbon gas into the Tasmanian gas network in the form of green hydrogen.

“Energy distribution is often an overlooked part of an energy system, but gas network infrastructure will be critical to the success of Tasmania’s and the nation’s pathway to a successful hydrogen economy.

“We are fortunate that Tas Gas’ network is one of the most modern in Australia and is ready today to support the safe and reliable supply of hydrogen to help decarbonise the State’s energy supply.”


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